Top 10 States to Retire in the United States in 2024

Florida Warm climate and abundant sunshine No state income tax Diverse range of retirement communities Access to beaches and outdoor activities

Arizona Dry climate with mild winters Affordable cost of living Retiree-friendly tax policies Rich cultural and recreational opportunities

North Carolina Varied geography, including mountains and coastline Moderate climate with four distinct seasons Affordable housing options Access to healthcare and amenities

Texas Diverse cities and landscapes No state income tax Affordable housing and cost of living Thriving cultural scene and recreational activities

Colorado Stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreation Healthy lifestyle with abundant sunshine Access to quality healthcare and amenities Retiree-friendly tax policies

South Carolina Coastal charm and historic towns Mild climate with ample sunshine Affordable cost of living and housing Rich cultural heritage and culinary scene

Tennessee No state income tax on wages Scenic beauty and outdoor recreation Affordable housing options Vibrant music and cultural scene

Georgia Mild climate with diverse landscapes Low cost of living and tax-friendly policies Access to quality healthcare facilities Rich history and cultural attractions

Virginia Four seasons with mild winters Proximity to beaches and mountains Rich history and cultural heritage Access to top-notch healthcare and amenities

Utah Outdoor paradise with national parks and ski resorts Healthy lifestyle and low crime rates Growing economy and job opportunities Tax-friendly policies for retirees