Top 10 Animals You Legally Can’t Keep as Pets in the United States

10. Komodo Dragons: Large size, venomous bite, and aggressive tendencies.

9. Skunks: Potential for aggression and disease transmission.

8. Wolfdogs: Unpredictable due to their wild nature.

7. Raccoons: Aggressive behavior, destructive tendencies, and disease carriers.

6. Poison Dart Frogs: Beautiful but have toxins harmful or lethal to humans.

5. Kinkajous: Sharp teeth, potential disease spreaders, and specific care needs.

4. Big Cats: Size and wild instincts pose serious threats.

3. Bats: Can carry diseases like rabies and require space to fly.

2. Alligators and Crocodiles: Large, unpredictable, and dangerous.

1. Venomous Snakes: Bites can cause serious harm or death.