America's Unique Wildlife: 10 Species Found Nowhere Else

1. California Condor – With a wingspan up to 9.8 feet, these majestic birds soar over California, Arizona, and Utah.

Red-Cockaded Woodpecker This bird nests exclusively in living pine trees in the southeastern U.S.

Key Deer A small subspecies of white-tailed deer found only in the Florida Keys.

San Francisco Garter Snake Known for its striking blue, green, and orange stripes, this snake inhabits the San Francisco Peninsula.

Island Fox Found on six of California's Channel Islands, each with its own unique subspecies.

Kangaroo Rat These small, hopping rodents are adapted to the arid southwestern deserts.

Eastern Hellbender A giant aquatic salamander living in the streams of the eastern U.S.

American Alligator Iconic to southeastern wetlands, these reptiles have made a strong comeback from near-extinction.

Hawaiian Monk Seal Endangered marine mammals found only in the Hawaiian Islands.

Ozark Hellbender A rare aquatic salamander inhabiting the Ozark Mountains in Missouri and Arkansas.