10 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Mark Ruffalo

10. Ruffalo is a three-time Academy Award nominee, receiving nominations for his performances in "The Kids Are All Right," "Foxcatcher," and "Spotlight."

9. He is of Italian descent and has actively supported Italian-American causes.

8. Ruffalo is a talented painter and has showcased his artwork in galleries.

7. Despite his success in Hollywood, Ruffalo is a low-key family man. He has been married to Sunrise Coigney since 2000, and they have three children together.

6. Ruffalo is known for his commitment to method acting. He often immerses himself deeply into his characters, even going as far as living in their shoes off-camera.

5. He is one of the few actors to portray both the Hulk and his alter ego, Bruce Banner, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4. Before his breakthrough role in "You Can Count on Me," Ruffalo was struggling financially and even considered quitting acting.

3. Ruffalo is a brain tumor survivor. He was diagnosed with a benign acoustic neuroma in 2001 and underwent surgery to remove it, resulting in temporary facial paralysis.

2. He is an activist and advocate for environmental causes, particularly focused on clean energy.

1. Mark Ruffalo worked as a bartender for over a decade in Los Angeles before he found success as an actor.