10 Must-See Films from the Beginning of Cinema

Pauvre Pierrot (1892) - 5 min IMDb Score: 6.5 Description: A charming tale of hidden lovers and serenades directed by Émile Reynaud.

Le clown et ses chiens (1892) - 5 min IMDb Score: 5.6 Description: A whimsical, lost short film featuring a clown and his performing dogs, directed by Émile Reynaud.

Un bon bock (1892) - 12 min IMDb Score: 5.3 Description: Another lost gem by Émile Reynaud, depicting an amusing tavern altercation over stolen beers.

Blacksmith Scene (1893) - 1 min IMDb Score: 6.2 Description: William K.L. Dickson's brief but iconic depiction of three blacksmiths at work.

Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze (1894) - 1 min IMDb Score: 5.4 Description: A historic film by William K.L. Dickson, capturing one of the first copyrighted motion pictures in the US.

Carmencita (1894) - 1 min IMDb Score: 5.7 Description: Watch Carmencita's delightful dance performance directed by William K.L. Dickson.

Chinese Opium Den (1894) - 1 min IMDb Score: 5.1 Description: A brief, intriguing glimpse into an opium den, directed by William K.L. Dickson.

Miss Jerry (1894) - 45 min IMDb Score: 5.4 Description: An early feature-length film exploring social themes, director not specified.